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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  May 24, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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having to pay. " some local seniors are paying for not being with the times. >> late breaking details on the future of slot machines and maryland. an exclusive look at the signatures that could derail the plan. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute the the >> that evening. the battle over slot machines at the anne arundel mills mall has moved to circuit court. >> the developer is fighting the validity of a petition drive that will let voters decide its slot machines belong there. we have exclusively obtained copies of some of the signatures. >> it is a battle over signatures. if the court throws out a petition asking voters for a referendum to reject slot machines, it increases the chances that the maryland jockey club will successfully bid for a slot machine licenses. the baltimore developer has
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designs on a slot machine parlor. he is questioning the petition validity. lawyers -- >> we have massive evidence of people being told that they were signing petitions for slot machines. >> their location is built upon smoke and mirrors index appellation. >> the jockey club teamed up with a group of concerned neighbors. they collected 40,000 signatures. the anne arundel board of protections rejected more than 17,000 of them still leaving more than enough to qualify for a referendum. they contend the board committed flagrant failures and to define them. >> there is petition after petition with the are written in the same handwriting. >> the judge was shown examples of what the board of elections
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missed. they include allegations that the signatures of more than 9000 people cannot match their voter registration cards. 1200 printed names cannot match the signatures. they contend the same person sign for other people 118 times. attorneys for the jockey club argued that the election board went above and beyond its statutory requirements. >> the reality is hundreds of citizens spent days and weeks outside in the freezing cold getting signatures. this is the essence of democracy. >> both sides said that no matter how it comes out, an appeal is likely. >> it appears the controversy over the container tax is bubbling over once again. the bill that was thought all but dead has new light tonight along with some other ideas from city council members for the looming budget. all of that was discussed at the
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council meeting where we were. is this measure back on the table? >> it certainly looks that way. we for talking earlier trying to think of ways to put this. it looks like the bottle tax has not be e lost all of its carbonation just yet. supporters and proponents earlier this evening saw what the city council would do as this proposal came up for a second reader during the meeting. it turns out the pressure may have been too great because the city council decided to table the measure until further notice meaning that the bill is still alive. >> i moved to hold second reader consideration of this bill fort date uncertain. cook's second. >> most of the city council feeling it needs more time to review the pros and cons for the proposed 4 cent tax on certain beverage containers that would bring in an estimated $11
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million for the city. " we are always worried. we are as boring today as we are -- as we were. >> not good news for people in the beverage industry who were hoping that the majority of the city council who all but announced the plan last week with both the measure down. on the flip side, unions representing employees that could lose their jobs through the budget cuts, the tabling represents hope. >> it is just four cents. it will help us save jobs and services. we paid those taxes. >> according to sources, the tabling of the bill was a filibuster of sorts so it could figure out other sources of revenue in order to avoid the bottle tax, including taxing simulated slot machines all over the city, tax and cable television, raising police citation finds and taxing owners of vacant and rundown properties. jack young says if the money cannot be found with those other
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ideas, the bottle tax is still on the table. >> we want to see if we can get this done without that. if we have to resort to that, i am sure we will look at it. >> it looks like it is simply a wait and see situation with the city council president office brought -- questioning the mayor's office and the mayor questioning what the city council president is doing with these other ideas and generate money. >> the state attorney general's office is waiting and on the controversy surrounding the former governor's radio show. that is the radio station owned by our parent company, hearst television. democratic party members say it violates campaign laws and should be considered an illegal campaign contribution. the assistant attorney general said state efforts to regulate the media raise constitutional
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concerns. robert ehrlich has announced his intention to run for governor but he has not yet filed the paperwork to make it official. baltimore and beyond is mourning the passing of a prominent maryland there. raymond haysbert has died after serving his country as one of the famed tuskegee airmen. he said the baltimore in where he would become one of the most respected african american businessman. as anyone remembers, he opened parks sausages and made it the most successful black own business. >> the small fire send one person to the hospital point of it broke out just before 9:00 in the 500 block of mount holly street. no other injuries are being reported. >> the 6-week-old infant found dead inside a laurel park and has been identified. they are still waiting for autopsy reports to determine how he died. he was found unresponsive in
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laurel. police say the home was in disarray but it is unclear if that is connected to the child's death. with dozens of kids facing family, school, or behavioral problems met an inspiring role model today. michael ohr spoke to children at the family ministry about how he overcame his own challenging past. >> the movie "the blindside" shows his models upbringing and shows how the love of an adopted family helped him find success. the number 74 personally shared his story with children facing their own obstacles. welcome at arrow christian ministries. many kids can connect to the heroin childhood depicted in the movie "the blind side."
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>> i went through the exact same thing and have grappled with that. i have gone through foster homes. >> the kids at this date-funded school have behavioral or learning disabilities often do too fractured family ties. he reassured them that the way your life begins does not have to dictate how it turns out. >> i know you are going through similar situations to what i went through. i want to tell you to keep your heads up and keep working hard. always listened to the people you are supposed to listen to. >> he introduced the kids to the woman who turned his life around. >> i think she was amazingly strong and her heart to pull him in. he was very alone. >> he flourish with his new family landed a $13.80 million deal with the baltimore ravens. >> what would you do if you were
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not in the nfl? >> i hate when i get that question. that is a tough question. i went to school for criminal justice. i wanted to be a lawyer or something like that. >> dozens of autographs and handshakes later, he met -- he left many of the children inspired. >> he is such an inspirational person and a talented person. >> it makes me feel that i can pretty much do the same thing and that i have greatness and me and i just need to find it. >> i think this is fabulous for the school. are a lot of talented kids here. they could do well by turning that wherever they are, they can be backed -- they can be better. >> the also is at the marriott tonight with proceeds going to the school and spoke at today. reporting live, and kerry
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cavanaugh. >> 34 days and counting. oil continues to gush out of that fractured deep water well. fears grow as the spill inches closer to the coast. bp officials say crews will attempt to stop the leak on wednesday. this comes as they handed out checks to fishermen and others whose livelihoods are now in limbo. members of the obama administration led a congressional delegation on a tour of the region. their goal? to apply pressure. >> they will be held accountable. we will keep our food on their neck until the job gets done. >> bp in my mind no longer stands for british petroleum, it stands for beyond patients. >> bb engineers say they will know by wednesday night at their efforts have been a success. >> the doctor who sparked an international controversy by raising a possible link between
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a common vaccination and autism has lost his medical license. he was banned today by britain's medical general counsel. they found him series of serious -- they found him guilty of serious medical malpractice. a study suggested a connection between autism and a vaccination for measles, mumps, and rubella. it led parents around the world to stop vaccinated their children. some were led to suggest there was a conflict of interest. >> it was not an independent research. he was being paid by lawyers for two years. >> he contends he was not guilty of conflict of interest and says he plans to appeal that ruling. jobs and food coming to anne arundel county. >> it turns out that sunscreens may not be doing a whole lot of good.
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>> a's tea party. >> some parents are outraged over a barbie doll that may be sending the wrong message. >> a new study tying type 2 diabetes to certain forms of cancer. >> if you like showers, drizzle and fog, that is tonight. in a warm-up for the week as we go inch toward memorial day weekend.
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>> it is not quite like the barbie dolls you have when you were young. it comes complete with a short skirt and plenty of cleavage. >> i do not want my daughter to think she has to be this dusty barbie who is constantly wearing heels and local church.
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that is the image the doll is programmed. >> it is available at target stores across the country. they say the collection will continue to be sold but no word on that specific doll. >> your sunscreen me -- may not work as well as you think. the with an 10% on the mark -- market might degrade. users are not reappoint as often as they should. vitamin a may actually accelerate skin damage. experts recommend looking for products with the sink or titanium. the best way to protect your skin is wear hats or clothing or stay in the shade. a new study looks into the plant between diabetes and cancer. the study looks at every person in sweden living with type 2 diabetes. they found those patients all
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had a higher risk of developing a number of cancers with pancreatic and liver the most prevalent. the one single form of cancer that showed a lower risk among diabetics was prostate cancer. one researcher said a lower level of male sex hormones made to derby to that reduced risk. -- may lead to that reduced risk. >> a new grocery store is opening up in glen burnie and there are looking to hire 200 people. shoprite will replace the closedown kmart which used to be the anchor store. it could save you or somebody you know some cash. >> think we back to a time when you or a family member granted a phone. believe it or not, hundreds of thousands of people are still to bring that. one woman told us that she did
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not realize she had a choice. >> do you know what it says here? there are going to take all our phones out. >> telephones have come a long wait. remember how we had to rent our phone? you can now buy any kind of phone you want but some people still never got the message. even though she has a cell phone and a cordless phone, she still has this one mounted on the wall. to her son's amazement, she still pays for it. he says he was alerted when he opened this bill. >> what caught my attention was was in my dad's name. he passed away in 1985. i asked about the bill and she said it is for the company puts his mother was still leasing the phone. >> i thought i had to. i did not know that i could get another phone without having to
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pay. i thought it had to be that by. >> it turns out that she has been paying $22 every quarter to lease the phone. that adds up to more than $90 per year. >> not a lot of money but that could be groceries or a prescription refill. over time, at this prices, you could buy the phone 100 times over. >> he contacted the company. it is called qlt consumer lease services. they say they lease phones to some 300,000 restaurants nationwide. customers tend to be older, 65 and above on average. why would anybody lease a phone? >> they declined an on-camera interview but in an e-mail says that customers choose to least the products.
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the appreciate the phones started construction, sound quality and real bell ringers that are easier to hear. they value the peace of mind that our services provide no way we will take care of the phone matter what. a replacement phone would be on their doorstep the next business day following their call. while they say their customers lease because the 12, evelyn says she did not realize she had a choice. >> nobody ever said anything to me. i just went along with it. >> if you have parents or grandparents in their 70's or 80's, ask them if they are still losing their phone. you might be surprised and to mom or granma a favor and cancel it. >> look into it. do not do like i have done all these years. you can save some money. >> david cancel the phone and qlt sent him a prepaid mailer to
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send it. he's borscht and bought his mother and your phone for $14.99. he says he could give gotten it even cheaper than that. >> and mix of clouds and some across the area. temperatures just abt normal. 77 at the airport. just enough shower activity to wash a good deal of the pollen out of the atmosphere. back down to the low and moderate range. we're seeing signs of weakening and drifting back to the mountains. the more significant showers are also falling apart but we are likely to wake up with a good deal of clout in this as that used when continues coming in off the ocean lows. temperatures are in the low 60's on the eastern shore and closer to 70 in baltimore and cooling off in the mountains. cloudy skies on tuesday morning
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with the sun coming up behind the clouds. but some fog and drizzle early on but temperatures in the 60's. as high pressure strengthens and builds, we should see a lot of the cloud cover burning off in the afternoon. we have a storm in the atlantic that may become tropical over the next couple of days. as the height builds, some of the heat and humidity will be coming our way. it will fall a bit like summertime. if you will see the supply is -- skies clear out monday afternoon. the same scenario for thursday. feeling like sunshine and the afternoon and evening. friday, that front will come in and probably clear out some of the mcginnis from the atmosphere just-in-time for memorial day weekend. tomorrow, look for a cloudy star was on in the afternoon. temperatures reached the upper 70 paws around the bay as the clouds give way to the afternoon sun gen. the beach will be in the '60s at
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ocean city but almost 80 degrees around princess anne. expect a light wind coming out of the east tomorrow with waves 1 foot or less. close to 90 on wednesday and thursday with a chance for a storm. this committee will start to build up. and much more comfortable weekend shaping up. a the raven's hope for stronger >> the jackpot has an estimated annuity of $575,000. the numbers are 17-40-32-38-7-
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>> with only 140 characters, you cannot say a lot on twitter. but today, to secondary members made their tweed's count about their comebacks. that both can away from visits to orthopedic specialists with upbeat reports. webb said everything is on schedule and washington said that the doctor said he will be ready for training camp. we should note that twitter has not emerged as a recognized tool of the american medical association's only time will tell of the cornerbacks ken hill as quickly as they can text. you can still buy your ravens paraphernalia. the supreme court ruled against the nfl and the bid for and that just protection. the nfl is in effect 32 separate teams, not one big business. the head of the players' union
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praised the decision which tells you that the players also see the decision as hurting the owners' position in the current labor talks. baseball managers to not usually have a list of accomplishments on the day off. he survived to this day off. for the way things have gone for the orioles, that counts as an accomplishment. the owner and again today. the orioles closers keep getting hurt. there are currently heading for the first closer of the season leaving the manager with few options. he does not have much to show for his efforts but his players have not quit on him. no small feat with the worst record in baseball. >> it is tough for dave. it is tough for assault and on the manager. -- it is tough for us all and on
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the manager. he is doing his best and doing -- and going through this with us. it is frustrating for him just as much as it is for us. >> to get to john -- enjoy it a little bit of relaxation of his day off. stephen strasburg is doing so well he made the news by giving up his first run surrendered in aaa. he hasn't earned run average of 0.039 and four aaa appearances. he will make one more start before making his big league debut early next month. lebron james never said he wanted the cleveland cavaliers to find a new coach but he seemed to hint at that. the king has clout. mike brown was fired today. he took them to five straight playoff with his tenure in
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cleveland. they failed to make it to the finals in both of the last two seasons. the free agent market waiting to do anything they can, the cavaliers want to let him know that he does not have to leave cleveland to play for a new head coach. you do not have to leave to get
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gas is very expensive, and just when you think the gas prices are going down, they go back up again.
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>> turn up the heat. >> 78 to borrow and 89 on wednesday. the upper 80's on thursday. hot and humid weather prince the chance for an afternoon thunderstorm, especially on friday. >> not the humidity. >> if you would like to see broadcast again, we have an encore performance at midnight. >> jay leno is coming up next. see you tomorrow night.
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